The EJC range1 pedestrian stackers show their strength in transporting over short distances and stacking or retrieving up to 3200 mm high. The compact chassis of the EJC ensures easy and safe operation even in the most confined spaces. Another useful feature is the option of driving in crawl mode with the tiller in upright position.

The combination of 3-phase AC drive motor and our own internally developed electronic controller ensures maximum efficiency.

The advantage is high speed and powerful acceleration with minimum energy consumption, which in turn ensures fast, efficient throughput. Operators will also be pleased with precise lifting and gentle lowering (optional for EJC 110) of loads. The controlled lift motor and conveniently positioned buttons on the tiller head allow the operator to stack loads to high heights.

The power is supplied to the EJC 110/112 via batteries with capacities of up to 200 Ah. An on board charger (optional) protected against moisture and dust ensures fast and easy charging at any 13 Amp plug socket. Optional fast charging is available.

Practical storage compartments on the dashboard and front of the truck give you easy access to all the resources you need such as pencils, knives or documents.


Benefit from the advantages


Innovative drive technology and control

Our 3-phase AC motors offer improved performance with lower running costs thanks to linking with our inhouse designed electronic controllers. Advantages include:

• High level of efficiency with excellent energy management.

• Powerful acceleration.

• Rapid direction change.

• Maintenance-free drive motor.


Manoeuvrable and compact

With its compact chassis, the EJC is ideal for operating in confined areas. In addition you can continue working safely by pressing the crawl speed button with the tiller upright.


Precise and comfortable stacking and retrieval

Loads can be stacked and retrieved safely and efficiently thanks to:

• Precise and gentle lifting of the load by speed-controlled hydraulic motors.

• Gentle depositing of the load via 2-stage lowering speed (EJC 110) and proportional hydraulics (EJC 112, optional with EJC 110).

• Long safety tiller ensures sufficient distance between the operator and the truck.

• Less noise produced whilst lifting slowly via lift control system.


Practical storage areas

The EJC 110/112 provides excellent storage space for the operator:

• Paper storage on the chassis cover.

• Extra storage areas next to control panel.

• Clip board (combined with the optional metal cover).


Service-friendly technology

• Service access ports on the front of the chassis for fast tyre change.

• Wheel can be changed with the truck only slightly raised by using the castor wheel with a bayonet mechanism.

• Tiller electronics protected against moisture and dirt with IP65 protection.

• Electronic controller and built-in charger (optional) protected against moisture and dirt with IP54 protection.


Long operating time

• Battery capacities up to 200 Ah ensure a long operational life.

• Built-in charger (optional) for straightforward charging at any standard 13 Amp socket (also available with quick charging function for charging during a shift).


Additional equipment

• CanDis: Discharge indicator and hourmeter.

• CanCode: Access control via PIN.

• Load guard.

• Connection option e.g. for terminal, scanner or printer.

• Special robust metal battery lid for heavy-duty applications.

• Cold store version.

EJC 112
Operation mode
Drive mode
Load capacity / rated load
1200 kg
Load centre distance
600 mm
Load distance
688 mm
1191 mm
Axle load without load front / rear
580 / 250 kg
Steering / drive tyres size
Ø230x70 mm
Load tyres size
Ø85x110 mm
Steering / drive wheel material
Load wheels material
Load wheels type
Number of front / rear wheels
1 x + 1/4
Front tread width
507 mm
Rear tread width
400 mm
3200 mm
Height of tiller in drive position min / max
850/1305 mm
Overall lenght
1822 mm
Overall width
800 mm
Fork dimensions
56 / 185 / 1150 mm
Width across forks
570 mm
Ground clearance / centre of wheelbase
30 mm
Aisle width for pallets 1000 × 1200 sideways
2071 mm
Aisle width for pallets 800 × 1200 lengthways
2121 mm
Turning radius
1409 mm
Height, lowered
90 mm
Length to face of forks
672 mm
Lowering speed, laden / unladen
0,43 / 0,37 m / s
Axle load with load front/rear
650 / 1380 kg
Net weight incl battery
830 kg
Mast height
2100 mm
Extended mast height
3675 mm
Lift speed, laden / unladen
0,13 / 0,22 m / s
Lift motor rating
2,0 kW
Battery type
lead / acid
Battery voltage / nominal capacity
24V / 150Ah
Baterry weight
151 kg
Travel speed, laden / unladen
6 / 6 kmh
Drive motor rating
1,0 kW
Service break
Electric regenerativ
Max gradeability, laden / unladen
8 / 16 %
Energy consumption according to VDI cycle
0,93 kWh / h
Sound pressure level at operator's ear as per EN 12053
62 dB (A)
Additional wheels (dimensions)
Ø140x54 mm
Free lift
100 mm
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  • EJC 112 Jungheinrich electric stacker truck

    The performance class from Jungheinrich – for even the most demanding applications

    • Lift heights 3200 mm
    • Powerful and maintenance-free three-phase AC drive motor
    • Proportional hydraulics for precision lifting and lowering

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