1.  The warranty applies in accordance with Government Decision No. 394/1995 republished for all manufacturing defects of Jungheinrich equipment components marketed by JUNGHEINRICH ROMANIA S.R.L. and will be insured under the warranty service contract for a period of 12 months within 1200 hours of operation for electrical equipment equipped with a meter for hours of operation and for a period of 12 months for mechanically (manually) operated equipment or for electrical equipment not equipped with a working hours counter, calculated from the start-up date. The warranty is conditional on the proper operation of the machine and the mandatory revisions recommended by the manufacturer.

2.  The SELLER warrants the BUYER against the eviction and vice versa of the goods sold and undertakes to remedy for free all deficiencies found during the warranty period. Cases where deficiencies are caused by service personnel or due to inappropriate use of the equipment will not be covered by the warranty. For post-warranty service, a separate contract will be concluded in accordance with the Seller's requirements.

3. Ways to secure the guarantee: JUNGHEINRICH ROMANIA S.R.L. as an importer, shall, where appropriate, either repair or replace any component of the equipment which has defects in material or workmanship during the warranty period, with the exceptions referred to in paragraph 4.

4. Repairs / defects not covered by the warranty. Conditions and restrictions

The warranty will not cover any defects caused by:

  • accidents, blows;

  • negligence in use;

  • overloading (see rating plate on the machine with residual capacity);

  • non-observance of correct and reasonable operation, according to the Owner's Manual;

  • repairs, mistakes or modifications made by unauthorized personnel;

  • improper storage;

  • use for purposes other than in accordance with the rhythm and usage ability;

  • damages, changes;

  • natural calamities;

  • damage of the indicator clock to the number of hours of operation or the impossibility of accurately determining the number of hours of operation of the equipment;

  • damage or deletion of the serial number and identification number;

  • if the equipment is used for unauthorized rental purposes;

  • exploitation in corrosive environment;

  • failure to manage the maintenance periods provided in the Owner's Manual;

  • when service is performed by others other than those authorized by the Provider;

  • use by unqualified operators to operate the equipment;

  • using other lubricants and fuels than those specified in the Owner's Manual;

  • changes by adding or removing components;

  • failure to notify Jungheinrich Romania S.R.L. for remediation as soon as a defect in the equipment purchased has been found;

  • the equipment has not been purchased from or shipped by Jungheinrich Romania S.R.L .;

  • changing the location of the equipment without notice to Jungheinrich Romania S.R.L .;

  • the failure of the components of the equipment does not result from a manufacturing defect, but is a consequence of :

       - the normal wear of the components of the equipment;

       - the normal maintenance and adjustments to the engine, steering and bodywork.  

The periodic revisions specified in the Owner's Manual are mandatory during the warranty and post-warranty period.

The guarantee will be canceled if, under the control of the authorized person of the supplier or manufacturer, it will be noted that the daily checklists will not be filled in the day and the correct.

In the event of accidents due to negligence and superficiality of the operator's inspection, the Supplier assumes no liability.

The warranty given to the Recipient will strictly exclude wear parts and consumables such as antifreeze, brake pedal rail, contact relay tips, platinum, filters, greases, injectors, bulbs, electromotor brushes, oil, parts rubber, gaskets, spark plugs, wheels, starters and stickers.

5.  Owner's responsibility

The owner has the responsibility to announce Jungheinrich Romania SRL with at least 50 hours of equipment in advance or at least 5 working days in advance until the equipment reaches the periodic revisions foreseen in the User Manual edited by the manufacturer for Jungheinrich machines.

The owner has the responsibility to check and keep proof of periodical revisions.

The owner has the responsibility to perform and record the maintenance work it has in accordance with the Owner's Manual.

6.  EU Certifications

The equipment is executed in accordance with European standards EN 1726-1, EN 292, EN50081-1, EN50081-2, and comply with European directives 2006/42/CE şi 2004/108/CEE.

Packaging is 100% recyclable and the products are compliant with ISO 14001/2004, ISO 9001/2008 and ISO 18001/2007.