Battery autonomy is a big issue nowadays, especially when it comes to electric machine autonomy. Regarding the autonomy of the batteries with which our electric forklifts are equipped, we can confirm that, irrespective of the range or class of which they are part, they can guarantee the work in a normal regime for at least 8 hours, in the first 12 months of use. , as long as the loading or unloading procedure is followed according to the user manuals. Of course we refer in this case to the standard lead-acid batteries that are most commonly encountered in equipment configuration.

Their autonomy decreases drastically if not properly used by the operator. Another normal and straightforward aspect to consider is the decrease in autonomy during use due to the deposition of sulfur oxide on their elements during use. Thus the autonomy decreases annually by 4-5%, which leads to a decrease after 5 years and about 1250 cycles of charging / discharging to an available battery capacity of 55-60%.

In fact, the actual available battery capacity is 80% when new and 55-60% after 5 years of use under operating conditions. 20% of battery capacity is never used by equipment regardless of its age.

So what is 2SHIFTS-1CHARGE?

This option consists of configuring equipment with a specific type of standard battery with a smart rectifier. With this innovation, we guarantee the autonomy of all our machines equipped with 2SHIFTS-1CHARGE technology up to 16 hours of operation, meaning 2 shifts of work of 8 hours each. Of course, this innovation has other benefits for both the user and the seller, as it can be fully controlled and demonstrate the battery usage history.

At the same time, in order to support our customers using electrical equipment, we will gradually introduce, starting with the last quarter of this year, for the entire range of machines operating in alternating current 24V, 48V or 80V new Li-Ion batteries. it brings a number of benefits to users.

About this benefit, but also about many other good things to know about forklifts, we will talk about next week, when we will be waiting for you with a new article. Until then, you can find out more on our Facebook page.