A new generation of electric pallet trucks with pedestrian operation

A new generation of electric pallet trucks with pedestrian operation

A very important feature of the electric pallet trucks with pedestrian operation is the quality, because they have to be safe and prepared to work, regardless of conditions.

As a leader in technology, we successfully fulfill this feature through the new generation of EJE pedestrian electric pallet trucks.

The new compact and powerful EJE 114 product is suitable for carrying loads up to 1.4 tonnes. Starting with July 2018, Series 2 of electric pallet trucks with EJE pedestrian operation, is completed with a new machine: EJE 222.

You will be convinced that EJE pedestrian pallet trucks fit very well with the requirements related to quality, efficiency, safety, reliability and high maneuverability.


 Always reliable and with high efficiency, Jungheinrich pedestrian electric pallet trucks are the ones who help you in the warehouse. The latest generation EJE sets new standards in terms of energy efficiency, requiring up to 25% lower consumption. Now available with lithium-ion technology for high performance applications in your warehouses. With Jungheinrich, efficiency increases considerably from an energy point of view, Jungheinrich equipment facilitates work, reduces costs and improves performance in any warehouse.


The concern for the safety of the employees is extremely important, the new electric pallet trucks with EJE pedestrian operation are the right choice. The control sleeve offers operator safety due to its length, protecting the legs very well, and the speed of movement is electronically controlled by its inclination degree, which is an extremely useful feature when handling fast and agile equipment such as EJE.


Our new pedestrian-operated EJE electric pallet trucks have been designed with elegance, becoming much more aerodynamic, more manoeuvrable and more agile than ever. The length of the chassis was reduced, making EJE the shortest electric pallet truck in its class in the entire market. For those who need pedestrian electric pallet trucks that can be operated quickly and intuitively in the narrowest spaces, we have the solution you are looking for! EJE machines have powerful three-phase AC motors, a feature that increases maneuverability, in especially when changing the direction of travel.

By choosing the right series of equipment, it is easy to handle tasks from 1.4 to 3.5 tonnes over medium distances. In addition, you have the possibility to customize your EJE pedestrian pallet truck depending on your needs, as they have numerous options.


In warehouses, electric pallet trucks with pedestrian operation are the studs that withstand the most difficult conditions. For this reason we have developed the new EJE range for robustness. We use high quality, widely tested materials that easily survive years of heavy use.

The reliability and long-term operation of our products is continuously ensured by our quality management team.

Discover now the new generation of electric pallet trucks available at Jungheinrich:


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